Pohutukawa New Zealand Christmas tree

The "project" I've alluded to is a surprise trip to see Mum and Dad this weekend. It's a flying (literally) visit, I'll be home again Sunday night. I had to invent a "project" to keep the surprise ;-)

The rest of my family is within the greater Auckland environs this weekend. Tomorrow we'll meet up for a BBQ lunch. The last time we were all together was for this.

It's taken a bit of arranging and preparing but well worth the effort. The look on their faces was priceless :-) I left work at noon and walked in their door at 4.30pm. They're out this evening (I knew they were out for dinner) so a chance to unwind, blip and relax for me.

Pohutukawa (po-who-two-car-waa) is my favourite tree. In flower they are spectacular. They remind me of my northern roots. They are summer, sea, northern coastline and warmth. That might seem strange to you norther hemisphere blippers but it's normal Christmas for us.

Mum and Dad are looking pretty good. They might be in and out of hospital but they're built wiry and tough.

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