Circle of the Seasons

By GCleare


The past few days there has been no pleasing her.

Cry, cry, cry. Not hungry. Doesn't want the binky, spits it back out at me. Looks at me with accusing eyes... "Ama! Why don't you DO something to cheer me up!!!"

I wondered when I saw all the bubbles the other day...could she be teething, already?

This baby is only three months old!

Stuck my finger in her mouth today and sure enough, the top right front tooth is starting to poke up. It hasn't broken through the gum yet, but I can definitely feel it.

I took her for a ride in the car when all my other tricks were exhausted. Sang every song I could think of, including a medley of Beatles hits. She drifted off for a bit, but as you can see, she still was NOT HAPPY.

What a face!

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