Who knew?

By InOtherNews

Cry Baby

The title is inspired by the Janis Joplin I was listening to earlier.

The fight for a blip is always a tough one, so at two minutes past midnight I find myself watching Friends, the last ever episode. Back in the day I was a massive Friends fan and the happy ending for Ross and Rachel always chokes me. I'm not always soft, but for some reason when she says 'I got off the plane' I always shed one solitary tear before masculinity kicks in and I stop. On it comes, out come the obligatory tear and my camera is swiftly activated. So although it isn't another cry for help or anything I think it is quite powerful. However I have to ruin it by not playing along with the suggested angst.

Seems weird I've put two shots on 'today' but this one counts as tomorrow. Blip, the only world where it appears tomorrow can come early. Exciting.

Later today I have my nephew Isaac coming over. I've bought him this cute little romper suit that says 'Imps Supporter'on the front. He's six months old and will look so cute, but my brother is a Chelsea fan and I'm not sure my gift will get much wear. I always said though my first male nephew or child would be a Lincoln fan and I stand by that challenge!

Hope everyone had a more exciting Saturday night than a Friends session.

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