Journey Through Time

By Sue

One of our neighbors

There is a small wooded lot behind our house. The land has been with the same family for about three generations or so. At one end of the lot is a house and that part is tended too, but the rest of this land is a rather wild, untamed place. It's only a couple of acres big, but it provides an island of trees and a small ecosystem for various birds and animals. Just about all of the usual backyard birds that inhabit this part of the world have visited our backyard, I think. There are the usual urban animals that inhabit the outskirts of towns - possums, raccoons, coyotes, rabbits and we've even had a deer wander through.

My husband has had an on going battle with squirrels. He and a neighbor trapped, over the course of a summer, about 100 squirrels on a relocation project. Funny thing is that when a space opens up, more just filter in to fill the void. That stopped when we found out it was illegal to move them from one neighborhood to another. So, I told hubby that we moved into their turf, so we just have to learn to live with the tree rats.

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