Journey Through Time

By Sue

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

I know this is not the best, but considering how fast these guys move, I feel lucky to have gotten this shot. I stood out in the back yard awhile ago and was watching him flit from limb to limb and I have several shots of were he "was". Then I happened to come around the corner from the side yard and there he was, coming in for the water. I am calling it a "he" but I don't know if this is male or female. The male will have the "ruby" head, but they kind of have to flare up their feathers for it to be seen. This, along with the bush tits are North America's smallest songbird. The bush tits arrive in flocks and will swarm our suet feeder, but Kinglet's don't do that. They are more solitary. They will occasionally eat seeds, but most often go after bugs. Our water features attract them to our yard.

Okay, gonna go clean something. Christmas cards are done. Whew.

Have a good day, Blippers!! See ya later.

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