Journey Through Time

By Sue

The Swarm!

Yesterday you saw the solitary Kinglet and today you can see what happens when a flock of bushtits take over the suet feeder. Nothing fancy about these tiny songbirds, and truthfully I don't really know what there song is because all I ever hear from them is a soft, tee,tee, tee, kind of sound. When it is very cold they will huddle together for warmth. I had to kind of sneak up on them and once they figured I was there, one by one they flew up into the trees.

Now, the tiniest of our birds has been a blip. That was fun. Today I just putter around here and I should go for a walk. Later we are seeing friends and going out to dinner. We will be visiting Amalfi's in NE Portland, a long time popular pizza place that has a loyal following. We used to go there often when we lived in that area, but it's been a long time since we've been there so we are looking forward to our dinner. They have remodeled and the menu is much more than just pizza. Guess THAT would have made a fun blip...but glad I got these little birds out of the way in my backyard bird quest.

Have a great weekend, Blippers!! See ya later.

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