By cdoney77

It Snowed Again

Today didn't start of particularly well.

Last night I thought it would be a good idea to cover my windscreen with an old sheet (to avoid scraping the window in the morning) So I tucked the edges into the dorrs, as you do, to stop it falling off.

Problem was my driver door had frozen shut over night. Meaning I could not take the sheet off! Unless I drove along with it flapping in the wind!

This was not good, I decided to take a chilled aproach to this, texted my boss letting him know I would be a little late and got a cup of tea and went and sat in the car with the heating on full listening to Chris Evans until I was finally able to open the door and get the sheet out. This was a good 30-40mins

I then made my way to work.

On another note It snowed again today, Look how lovely it looks in this HDR photo!

Lets not mention the fact it took me three hours to drive home (A 30min trip) and focus on how pretty the snow is!


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