John Van de Graaff

By VandeGraaff

House Construction 10

Back from our quick trip to New York City, I went by the new house which we will move into in the spring.

The builders were already putting the shingles on the roof of the modest wrap-around porch (on the front and right side of the building). It's seen best in this architect's drawing. My blip is taken from the window just above the corner of the porch roof, looking toward the viewer of the drawing, and showing a bit of the neighborhood. As is clear from the workers' garb, it was cold (ca. 20 F/minus 7C)!

As I've remarked before, construction has gone remarkably quickly; one obvious factor is the wide range of power tools available--here they're using what appear to be pneumatic staplers to attach the shingles.

A link to the last previous construction blip is here, which has links leading further back.

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