By ArcLight

Back again

The fact that my 100th blip is snow on our bedroom windowsill tells its own story. We should have been on the west coast at a party last night but didn't make it because of snow. And what have we got here in Edinburgh today? More bloody snow (although trade description requires that I do say it's only a fairly light dusting on this occasion). Well, I thought, I might as well take advantage for my blip.

But it has to be said that I'm not happy about this. The snow has pretty much wiped out our social life since the end of November and the strain is now starting to show. I guess I'm rather bored and frustrated by missing out on seeing a lot of good friends. I like being at home but this is really starting to get ridiculous.

Trying to think of what we can do to cheer us up.

Update: light dusting, my a@@e. It's really settled in, and apparently we are getting another 20 cm dump. We've decided to go out for lunch. Possibly the only people in Edinburgh doing so. Let's see.

Further update: one other couple and us in the restaurant. But the food was great. Lovely photo opportunities on the Water of Leith which the other half will soon be blipping.

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