The second half of life..

By twigs

Bad moon rising

My world shifted a small notch today - imperceptible to most, but significant to me. Small steps forward will eventually become large strides......

Decided to go on a moon hunt this evening to seek out the lunar eclipse. Last time we had one of these - in 2007 - I was unbelievably fortunate to have crystal clear skies overhead and managed some shots I was pretty happy with. Today however (once I'd found the moon!) it was apparent that we weren't going to be that lucky twice! A veil of thin but nevertheless evident cloud had muscled its way in to the sky and seemingly wanted to command centre stage. The man in the moon didn't appear to have the desire to outmuscle the clouds and so took a bit of a back seat for the event :(

We only managed to catch the tail end of the event anyway, so between muscling clouds and a bit of dodgy timing these were the only shots that came even remotely close to what I'd hoped for.

I felt the montage approach gave it more appeal - something to do with none of the shots being that hot on their own I think!!!

This one however, is all class.........bravo redridergirl

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