Well, duh!

Hello, captain obvious here, with a short message:
It's a wee bit cold outside. No really!

Anyway, next week = free, so this was quite a relaxed day at work. Relaxed enough for us to go out and get some gluhwein, and make it a Christmas party.. Original plan was to start at about 1630, but the big bossman thought 1500 was early enough for a drink or 3, and that we did. The building was quite empty by then, but we managed to find a crowd of about 10 to 12 (surprised) people to invite to our little party :)

@foto: I was just thinking that i might have added some (reverse?) vignetting to the shot.. It might improve it, but its not bad as it is, and the making of this made me cold, so i'm-a gonna find some Laphroaig and spread some comments around :)

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