The early bird...

Because it was easier in the planning of all the family members, we did a "pretend its Christmas" weekend this weekend at my parents' house.

Me and my girlfriend were responsible for the starters (above was one of them), my parents did the main course, and my sister and husband did desert. We started at about six-ish (if i remember correctly) for the benifit of the children, and we left the talbe at something like half past eleven.

Olive coated with combination of goat-cheese, orange-peel and pistachio
Mushrooms marinaded (wine, oil, lemon) in thin slices of roast beef
A mini-omelet with some added Tabasco
Salmon/cream cheese wraps
Mustard soup with wheat beer

Extra starter:
Package of fish, and pesto, straight out of the oven
2 beautifull wild ducks (can't give too many more specifics as for not having the recipe :) )
Potatoes with sage
Green salad

Mascarpone-banana desert with sugar-on-top
Coffee icecream with strong espresso and Amaretto on top of it

and as a final a cheese platter with loads of nice, smelly cheeses

Everything smoothed by wines and whisky ofcourse.

Well, i may have forgotten some, but i'm backblipping, so i don't want to take too long :D

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