Forward, and back. And forward, and back. and....

In continuation of this years fake-christmas, we had a tree with lots of presents. The idea was that we would buy some presents for the kids, so that they would have the funz, but that didn't work out. Well, it DID work out, but ofcourse my parents could not resist buying presents for everyone (thanks again folks ;) ), and my sister forgot to bring her own kids their presents ...

Well, none of that mattered for this one, as he got is first radio-controlled car! It was a big hit as a car (push, push, look at the cool race-car), and when we finally got the batteries in, it started to move... by itself?!~!~
So he got to play with the forward and back buttons -> and then he found out, it could TURN?!

funz will be had, i suppose ;D

I also put up yesterdays blip but as today is also a backblip, i'll put in some extra links ;D

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