I am rosco

By iamrosco

Make sure you get my best side

The thaw - 10 degrees warmer than yesterday and everything is dripping. Yesterday, and now today.

While escaping from suspicious locals yesterday, noticed the uni campus was looking quite spectacular - definitely sparked a blip-able thought in my mind for today. But come today, all was not pretty. Still, there were some hungry (and a tad overly friendly) swans stalking menacingly milling about, I swear some were even posing for me. Seemed like a decent end to the trek, especially as I'd spent the past hour and a half (slowly and very ungracefully) sliding around the path trying not to end up in the loch.

Knew it was time to leave when the friendly menacing swans began buffeting me, hastened retreat when the nibbling/pecking started. Close, but counted 10 fingers back in - most importantly of all, the precariously exposed shutter one was unharmed.

The past few days have taken their toll, so made my way back to Edinburgh where I can update Blip, sip port (the bottle is now easily below the half full/empty mark) and sample some new tunes in the comfort (and safety) of my own couch.

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