I am rosco

By iamrosco

Why are you pointing that camera at me?

After a few miles and multiple failed attempts to find an open coffee shop, we lucked out with a wee place that had broken heating. On the plus side it did serve coffee, and so promptly so (helped by us being the only customers - that was soon to change).

What happened next can only be described as small town syndrome. A steady stream of folk entered, and were served with drinks without ordering (or even muttering a word to the scarf wearing staff of one - see lack of heating above). One table was even served with more drinks than people, only to be populated appropriately within a couple of minutes. I can count on no fingers the number of times I have seen this before, topped off by the scarf wearing staff of one uttering "no scone today?"

We downed what was left of our coffees, settled up and promptly headed for the door. After yesterday's brush with the fog, I was not taking any chances with iffy locals, or Truman-esque scenarios.

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