By Runningbackwards

The National Arboretum

Having a title of National Arboretum makes you think all the trees of the nation are here and they've definitely given it a good go.

It was busy today with a wide variety of people: young families; lots of people with dogs; the posh wellie brigade and people bearing cameras.

We all needed a bit of fresh air and that's exactly what it was - plenty fresh enough. Son #1 who still refuses to dress appropriately for the season but then complains he is cold had to be cajoled into some commando style tree stalking to get him warm. He took to his allotted role with some enthusiasm and had soon successfully crept up on some Sikta Spruce and a couple of Acers.

The Arboretum is great at any time of year and there is an astonishing range of trees. Trees are fascinating organisms as the great book, 'A secret life of Trees' will tell you.

We saw some 2000 year old lime trees (not spectacular it has to be said) and an impressive Serbian Spruce, apparently very rare.

Son #1 and #2 had a good time but we all agreed our hands were cold.

Another good day out completed!

The photograph was taken in the Silk Wood part of the arboretum. This shot was taken down a ride in an older, natural woodland section - it's not all closely cut grass and specimen trees you know!

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