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Pompey Sky

An early trip out this morning with toddler so that she could give a proper run out on her prized Christmas present "The Blue Scooter" and also hopefully have a nap in preparation for her funny friend Daniel's birthday party this afternoon.

We decided to go down to the seafront and so set off in the buggy with the scooter in hand. On the way we passed the double glazing shop window that has penguins in it. Toddler wanted to stop and look at it for a bit. She then stated "Penguins fart in the water Daddy". Surprisingly I had never really given this subject much thought but she clearly has a point.

When we got to the seafront the sky was amazing so I had to take some pictures. Toddler did very well on the scooter and covered a fair distance given it was her first proper outing on it.

On the way home from the seafront the nap was not happening so we went for a jaunt around the cemetery to make the journey a bit longer. However this didnt work so we ended up sitting on a bench and sharing a pain au chocolate. Toddler turned to me and said "This is nice" and she was right.

With no nap underway we headed off for home, got her into her new party dress and into the car and set off to the party. Sadly just yards from our destination the toddler car sickness came back with avengence. Luckily wife had packed a change of clothes for her so she still got to the party and still had lots of fun and even cuddled a monkey.

We thought we had got over the car sickness thing but it is without doubt back, at least now we are prepared for it and have a kit in the car ready.

Oh well a party is not a party if no-one is a bit sick I suppose!

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