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Christmas Burp

So whats better, the traditional Christmas wreath or the celebrity mask on the door, well there's only one way to find out.......FIGHT.

We took our Christmas decorations down today so it is over for another year. Earlier we headed down to the coffee van to meet some friends. It was really nice to catch up and also see the sea. It really made me feel at home again after our Christmas excursions.

I asked one of Girls frineds what she got for Christmas, she told me "a box". I asked what type of box and she illustrated its size with her hands. I then asked what colour it was and she told me "multicoloured". Stupidly I still did not uderstand what it was and so asked her what the box was for. She replied exasperated "It was for Christmas" and then ran off clearly bored with my stupidity. I am still bemused!

It has been a wonderful Christmas even if there was a fair bit of excitement with my tooth and with Wife dropping her phone down the toilet. Girl has continued to show us how much she is growing up and Baby has dramatically expanded his tummy with constant eating. So much so that he seems to be, dare I say, sleeping a lot better (even if he does wake for the odd banana). So a week, or so away, has really helped us out just on the sleep basis.

Earlier this morning Girl asked "Daddy, is it summertime now?" I told her it is now on the way, but will be awhile yet. I suppose now that Christmas is over winter is not required now in her eyes, not that we have really had one yet.

Back to work tomorrow and I really need to re-arrange getting these stiches out of my mouth.

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