Sixteen to the pixel i guess

I thought this was a good spot for some extra bits... The sky is REALLY hard to capture due to head-on sun, and the ground / shade-side of the trees is really dark with this wintersun ....

So i made this HDR from 5 or six shots (from +2 to -2 steps) in photoshop. Problem is i couldn't find a way to upload a 32 bits image? maybe it's just me, but i couldn't save it as JPG, and ligthroom didn't like 32 bits -> so i converted it to 16 bits, and that was good enough for lightroom.

1) Any comment (really, hints, tricks, things you DON't like about the shot are welcome ;) i love praise, but pointing out other stuff is good too!! )

2) what do you ppl do when shooting HDR? 16 bits? other way of saving?

undsoweiter. ow, and next time i should add the exif ofcourse. anycase, shot with the 30d :D

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