Are you finished with my hair yet?!

This young lady is my niece (ow, wait, its my girlfriends niece and because we are not oldscool married people, i am not even allowed to call them "my inlaws", so let alone call her my niece. mea culpa and all that :P )
So, eeuhm... This random young lady who is in no way family of mine, is getting her hair curled, and looking around all posh.

The used apparatus is an oldscool torturing device containing high-powered electrical heating units, AND water. Very safe hair-fun!

Also, check out my blip of yesterday: I tried my hand at HDR, and would love some tips about the picture itself and the uploading technique (i couldn't get a 32-bits shot uploaded ... only 16?). Can't link to it yet, because i forgot to look at the EXIF in photoshop, but please click arund for me (its not the amp-shot, its the one after that :D )

edit: link to yesterday is ofcourse like this :D

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