Happy Blip Year to Me!

I missed one day, January 16th, and then realized, "oops! I don't want to miss any more." So I didn't. Today I photographed our view from the deck. It snowed the night before last and turned everything into a fairyland of snow. I decided to do the view since it so often is the subject of my blips, especially when I can't think of anything else to photograph. Today I chose it on purpose. It is a part of my life here in Bellingham that I love. It means so much to me to wake to beauty every day. And I love how the view is always changing. As usual this looks better large.

Here are some of the previous photos I've taken of this view:
December 16th
December 6th
December 3
November 20
November 3
May 20
January 27
January 20

Thanks to the team at Blipfoto for all your work. Thanks to all of you who come by to look at my photos. Thanks to everybody who takes time to comment. It's been a great year. And I plan to keep on posting.

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