Diana_Field Photography

By dianafieldphoto

Day 11 - A Dog's Lunch Mission

I came home early today! Woo! For the entirety of last term I had rehearsals until 8pm every Tuesday for the Improvised musical, but today I can actually come home when my lessons end yay! I miss the rehearsals a little...but now I can have a chance to get work done and not fall behind!

I don't know what possessed me for this photo...I wanted it to be something to do with my dogs, it's really nice to come home early and play with them a little at lunch before getting on with work so I guess I got carried away?

Anyway - me and my mum have taught Coco (German Spitz) how to do pirouettes!! He was doing that until he thought that's it...enough! And just jumped for the pizza slice haha! No more tricks! Hmmm maybe I'll figure out how to capture the pirouette on another day but in a better shot. :)

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