Not a Hole Punch

Not sure why this chap was being carried around by one of my colleagues this afternoon, but she just happened to have this on her arm as the workroom door was chapped this afternoon.

"Do you have a hole punch I could borrow please", was the question directed, more towards this bird than my colleague.

"Nope. How about a shag though?" was the lightning tourette response. Panic and freaking out was probably very much the reaction from the poor unfortunate questioner as they scuttled back to their class. Not even sure they got the hole punch.

For reasons I can't remember* the conversation then veered off into supernumerary nipples (what Chandler in Friends called his nubbin (careful if you Google that; I did and got a bit of an education myself)), men with underwear filled with SuperSaver spaghetti in tomato sauce and making a face mask from wafer thin ham.

I think they may be adding something to the water cooler in here.

* I have been reminded now (Cheers K), it was the passing around of Caramel Nibbles that started it. Obvious really.

...and it looks like I was caught out snapping this one too!

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