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It's not the same...

Euan got a pseudo-sclaextric set for his Christmas and I was dead keen to get it set up for a nostalgic spin around the tracks.

But it's just not the same.

Not sure if it was because it wasn't proper Scalextric; smaller cars, track not feeling as secure, the fact that there's 'magnets' holding the cars on the track (what's that all about?); but it just didn't feel the same as it did when I was Euan's age. At that point I'd taken my original Scalextric 300 mini clubman racing set and expanded it to such an extent that my Dad had floored the loft so that it could be set up permanently. We spent a huge amount of time up there with our Mach Ford 6 wheeled and John Player sponsored Lotus Formula 1 cars, racing over small humped and large humped bridges. And when we got bored with that we'd amuse ourselves with some lighter fuel applied to the car's slicks and a box of matches. Health and Safety my arse, we made up our own Risk Assessments then and we're still here. (Euan, if you're reading this... don't even think about it!)

Now it's all just 'Gran Turismo' this and 'Burnout' that.


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