user acceptance

It's very rare that I'm desperate enough to use something too immediately to not be able to subject it to a careful controlled-environment testing period, usually in the form of a few days' house-wearing in the case of new trainers, stair-ascension assessments for trouser-pairs and test loads when the subject is a bag. One reason why the new subject-item is being considered when the blurred item in the foreground is only a couple of years old, has a slightly greater capacity and was produced by the same thoughtful manufacturer is that the ability of the item to still feel secure and unencumberative when stuffed to capacity and mounted upon a person mounted upon a bicycle should be far superior but (as the key reason for purchase) is too important to commit to purchase without ensuring the presence of. The blurred item in the foreground is fine for walking long distances and short bicycle-shopping-trips but feels slightly liabilitous when worn for commuting at peak traffic-threat times. The new item shares the same back-hugging abilities of its predecessor (whose repair quote has yet to be received) but it would not be unknown for an almost perfect item to have been completely fecked up by product design tweaks in the space of several years.

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