a day in the life of Jack

By jacksmom726

20 inches and counting!

We've been crippled here in the northeast by a huge winter storm. It started overnight, and it's still snowing. At some points, we were getting between 2" and 3" per hour of snow!! We are up to about 20 inches right now, and it's supposed to snow for another 3 hours. Lots of wind, and we even had a thunderstorm last night! I've never seen one in the winter, so it was pretty exciting, although it lost some of it's appeal at 3 in the morning! Oh, and did I mention that this Saturday night another 4 inches is predicted??

Took some pictures through the window today....I wasn't brave enough to go out, and with the snow still coming down and the wind blowing, I didn't want to ruin the camera!

Check out my other photos here if you are interested!

Have a great Wednesday....I know I will be all curled up, snug in the house with ribs cooking in the crockpot!

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