This Too Will Vanish...

By etherghost

she wakes up discontent
she wakes up overwhelmed
she wakes up falling into old patterns
she wakes up uninspired
she wakes up bored (she is never bored)
she wakes up lonely
she wakes up frustrated

who flipped the switch in her brain and will you kindly flip it back now.

she wants a series
she wants a concept
she wants to be warm
she wants a hug
she wants a kiss
she wants to not worry
she wants to have a plan
she wants to have order
she wants to find balance
she wants not to want

she wants to scream
she wants to get over herself
she wants to act like an adult
she wants to get on with it
she wants a clear channel
she wants to be the conduit

she wakes, she wants, she needs...
flip the switch- now!

she wonders what the hell happens in the course of 8 hours while sleeping...


*this is subject to vanish

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