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By dianafieldphoto

Day 13 - Busy Busy Busy for A Chorus Line!

As it says in the title....today has been very busy so sadly I haven't had the time to edit this one so it is it's JPEG in it's originalness!! :)

My new pink leotard arrived today along with some leggings and a new dance bag as my costume for my exam at college next week; A Chorus Line (The Musical) where I'm playing Maggie. :)

Very nervous eek!! It's been a full day at college and then 2 hours of Tap and Ballet tonight, trying to get the strength back now. Thankfully physio has improved my core loads over the Christmas period so it wasn't so hard getting back into it all! But still painful a bit on my quad muscles! They're actually screaming now!! Think I may have pulled and strained a few muscles/joints over the course of today...oh dear :) But I weirdly love dance related pain! :P It feels so good!!

Off to sleepies now for some sleeptime choreography to stock up for another crazy day of rehearsals tomorrow, night all! xxxxx

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