One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Home sweet home

For all your transitioning needs. Seamless progression from the light side to the dark side (reverse services not yet available).

Undertaker... A salesman dream. You only ever deal with a captive audience, desperate to purchase your product and not really in the mood for a haggling match.

I have been thinking about this for a little while, since a conversation I've had recently during a Big Nose Club meeting:
I have hardly any earthly possessions to bestow to Mrs Raheny and the trolls, were I to disappear prematurely*
So I have decided to save them money, rather than try and make some more during my lifetime, with all the effort and sweat and long hours without seeing my family that this would imply.
I am going to start shopping around for the cheapest funeral in town.
While I still have some time, no unnecessary pressure and some negotiation skills still intact.

But I've got a feeling that the various funeral homes around Dublin will not be exactly forthcoming with an exhaustive quotation for the cheapest possible funeral. Do they commit in writing? It seems to be the type of service where you get the bill a posteriori... This is truly any trader's dream.

Mrs Raheny won't mind too much I hope. I have already put her through the embarrassment of haggling down the price of my own wedding (I did bring it down from USD600 to USD450 though, with a bouquet thrown in and no hard feelings - the wedding coordinator still sent her new year wishes until very recently).

* I am pained just to think about them fighting over a Canon EOS 50D, two lenses in working order and a pair of Onkyo speakers...

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