Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Shopping Trolleys

OK, so it's a strange photo, but I'm actually a bit busy planning for world domination to go photograph hunting today! Note to Wonderspouse if you read this: I'm NOT going manic, just being busy, DO NOT call the shrinks!

And so it was that, this morning, I started seriously to think about work, and found myself browsing through the TES (Times Educational Supplement) jobs website. If I'm now WELL, then is there any reason I couldn't go back to school? It all felt a bit scary!

Then I went for my appointment with the lady who is helping me with "back to work" matters. I explained about possibly returning to teaching (maybe not full-time) and she thought it was all good. I'm now applying for a "return to teaching" course - my brief, speculative e-mail was answered within moments and with forms attached that I need to fill in. That's me kept busy for a while then - for a start, I'll need to explain why I'm qualified as a music teacher, but wish to return as a maths teacher (although I'm not averse to music either - maybe there's a school that needs a bit of both?).

In addition, I DID manage to file my maths stuff last night and am, once again, feeling lively again today. I've had tutor e-mails for both courses I'm taking now, so plenty to do there too!

What's really strange is that I've been an "ill" person for the last 2 years and life has moved very very slowly. Now I'm getting "well" again, things have started to speed up rather dramatically. I've also learnt so much about myself in the last year or so that I'm taking a different approach to my illness - when I CAN do stuff I'm going to jolly well get on and do it - no more wrapping myself up in cotton wool during the times when I'm strong enough to live properly!

Oh, the picture is of trolleys outside Sainsbury's - I stopped to get shopping on the way home! Sometimes I can't tell whether I'm on my trolley or off it!

New mantra: It's not scary, it's exciting!

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