Still Alive

By rinkkasatiainen

The empty scene

back-blipped on 18th Jan 2011.

Yesterday there was more than 30 000 people in this area in the openings of the year as the European Capital of Culture.

Ages ago the area was a ship yard - reminder of which the crane is. (Maybe not so) surprisingly the crane had quite a specific role in the opening ceremony. Not that that much happened in/on/around it, rather that I did not see any news without a picture of the crane. It was so beautifully colored with different lights. It also gave rather good contrast to the fireworks.

Today, on my walk by the river Aurajoki I ended up here. Only the last AV equipment still on the scene - otherwise it was as empty as ever. Nothing indicated that there was a huge bunch of people the previous day.

Note: the temperature had risen nearly 20C from yesterday - now it was only -3.

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