Still Alive

By rinkkasatiainen

A chili hamburger

Guess where I've been?

No news for anyone living in Turku - Kerttu it is.

That means, with no exception to the rule, that I've been on a meeting concerning the Turku Agile Day conference.

It was a good discussion. A discussion with Turku Region Software Entrepreneurs Society on how could we all make together the conference a huge success. It is already a success (nationally), but surprisingly little known within Turku Region. So we're working on that, together.

The reason for existence, both for the conference and the society are pretty much the same. Only that the society plans to have bigger target audience for the message. For that, I feel very good doing cooperation with them - we have better than good contacts to local students and with the help of the society, we can make a difference here in Turku.

If only the city counsel knew how important this is.

Well, the hamburger was well worth the time at the meeting.

Did you know, by the way, that Kerttu was the first smoke-free bar/lounge/restaurant in Turku (nowadays it's illegal to smoke in a restaurant). That is the only reason we're still regular customers there - after 5+ years.

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