Little China

Driving into work this morning I spotted a couple of deer in the fields just off the motorway so took a detour to try and catch a picture. I didn't manage to get close enough to snap anything worthwhile as the bin men trundled past in their big noisy truck and spooked them off into the undergrowth. Next time maybe.

As it was the sun was rising brightly over Grangemouth oil refinery and was setting the steam clouds from the huge industrial site all aglow rather nicely. Click, click. There's a satisfyingly smug feeling when you're pretty sure your blip for the day's already on the card before the first cup of coffee of the day. Smug if you're a blipper that is, bluggles don't understand.

Talking of not understanding and two deer (OK, too dear), there's been a huge amount of talk about the ever increasing price of fuel UK wide today. Despite this place processing over 200,000 barrels of crude into the stuff on a daily basis some of the most expensive prices in the area can be found a barrel roll from here. £1.30 a litre for unleaded, £1.37 for diesel, and due another rise in few weeks to come. What's that all about then? Definitely time to start that car sharing we've been speaking about I think.

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