Qu'est-ce que je fais ?

By waitingforgodot

Market at 16th

Another beautiful day... I managed to get out a little earlier today, before the sun went down behind the hills. It's been rather warm the last few days and more of this is on the way.

As I made my way home from my almost-daily trip to the post office, I stopped at a corner store to buy an ice cream/cookie treat but when I looked into the ice cream freezer, there were none. I kinda whined to (I think) the store owner and he told me he was no longer able to sell them without getting a separate freezer for them, as the two freezers he previously kept them in were owned by manufacturers of competitive ice cream treats. So, he basically had to quit selling them.

I chose a Ben & Jerry's ice cream bar instead and handed him two dollars, assuming that it probably was about the same price as my first choice, but, alas, it was $3.00. As it was the only money I had, he told me just to bring in the other dollar some other time. I was shocked. It seems NObody does business like that any more.

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