Manic MorFF's Pics

By manicmorff

Ready for my close-up

Photography is like a drug.
Once you're in, you're hooked.

More people in the office are getting into it and now I'm acting like some sort of pusher, giving advice on the small number of things I've learned so far, which is resulting in further photographic purchases.

I've now got ~smartiecookies wanting to have a go at close-up photos.
So I've introduced her to the concept of the close-up lens.
At less than a tenner, a cheap alternative to buying an expensive macro lens.

For the uninitiated, these bad boys screw onto the end of your standard kit-lens and give you (from left to right) +1, +2, +4, +10 magnification. And you can screw them all on together to get +17.

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