The best evening

I've had the privilege of spending the evening in the company of these 3 talented and amazing guys.

Gary (bottom right) crafted a 3 course dinner and matched beers made by the 3 of them. He is a stunning chef as well as a fine brewer. I can honestly say I ate the best meal of my life.

Fraser (top) is president of the UC Brew Club. He ably assisted in the kitchen and explained the finer points of beer. He is of course a very fine brewer too.

Tom (bottom left) you've met before. He provided behind the scenes support and shared some of his superb product with us.

As you can see they share the gift of open and beautiful smiles, as well as their brewing skills.

Such passion and enthusiasm, energy and vision. What a joy to be one of the 10 guests.

It was almost surreal after today. We had 9 quakes by early afternoon, the first at 6am regarded as "significant". I did ok. Surprisingly I was less scared than yesterday. I don't know why. Being at work for most of them helped. I guess sometimes it's easier than others.

A stunning evening guys. It was just the best :-)

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