By wayfarer

Blip & Run

We just got in from Seville, having taken the Washington Irving Route to Granada. He stopped at many of the white villlages on his way so we did a few as well. Many of the villages are a bit like the Hotel California - you can drive in any time you like but you can never leave. That's what it seemed like, anyway.

By the time we got to Granada it was dark and our hotel was located down a small side street which was almost impossible to get to. By this time, I was happy to execute any manoeuvre it took in the car, including any number of illegal turns and u-turns; driving in bus lanes; entering streets I shouldn't have and reversing into oncoming traffic. It felt good! And we got to the hotel.

Okay. time for bed as we are attacking the Alhambra tomorrow first thing.

The blip is of a black winged stilt, according to those who know. We stopped at the Fuente de Piedra Lagoon, saw thousands of flamingos, dozens of common cranes and a few of these who obliged by staying close enough to be photographed.

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