Dreaming in Blues

By SapphireDreamer

Back to School

First day of classes. Spent 300 on books and still have one on order. Campus was packed for the first time since November. I'm going to miss the quiet. On the plus side, I'm taking some fun classes with professors that love me. Grad school is once again trying to kick my ass. Already have homework for classes that haven't even met yet. Took this shot on college green.

On my way to get food at Big Mama's, I saw an exciting sign on my way to the bus stop and then when I stopped to take a picture, the construction workers offered to move the wooden door out of the way for me so I could photograph the full sign. They were so awesome!

Her first thought was for her camera. She took the fall on her knees and sat back hard. Those were gonna bruise. The girl took quick stock of her camera. It had suffered no damage. She was so relieved. Her left knee was bleeding, but she wasn't too concerned. As long as her camera was unhurt, she could handle a little blood. Correction, a decent amount of blood. Maybe she needed a large bandaid.

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