Dreaming in Blues

By SapphireDreamer

Chair of Doom

Shot from inside the examination room at the doctor's. Appointment was at 2:10, so I left Athens at 12:30. Got there a little early, so I turned in my paperwork and waited in the waiting room. Five minutes later, they called me back and the nurse sat down and asked me a few questions that should already have been answered in my file. When she was done, she left saying "We'll be in in a few minutes." I figured, okay, I'll get some homework done. Had been reading for about fifteen minutes when my sleep deprivation caught up to me. I put my book away and thought it would be fun to take a few pictures. Took about twelve and then got really tired. I stretched out on the two chairs provided in the room. Not super comfortable, but adequate for my laying down/resting/napping purpose. Next thing I know, the doctor comes in and notices I've been laying down. "Were you sleeping?" I shrugged and he commented that I should have put down the chair in my photo and napped on that. I checked my phone to find out what time it was. I had been in the room for about forty minutes waiting for the doctor. I was a little pissed. Either way, an appointment that should have taken 10 minutes ended up taking an hour and 20.

The sign on the wall says:
"To help your children
turn out well,
spend twice as much
time with them and
half as much money."

One foot, then the other. The girl slowly stood up, testing her knees. They would hold. She glanced around her. Nobody was even looking her way. She shrugged. Just another day in the life. She continued down the street. She had an appointment to make.

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