Framer's Intent...

By Scrybe

Back On The Bus.

This is another 79 shot. I've processed it very differently than usual, and will re-process in my usual way, but was messing with a different style and thought it would work on this one so I went for it for my blip. When I do the reprocess, i'll post a link for comparison.

God, my back hurts. Nothing major, nothing to worry about, just happens sometimes, but it really aches so I might have an early night.

Should be out jazzing tomorrow night. :-) Hopefully also meeting some good friends for this jazz extravaganza - jazztravaganza. :-D

I asked permission for this shot. What? He is a UFC fighter with 10 years of experience and all his own teeth. I didn't want to get my backside kicked... ;-P

I also shot some other stuff on the bus, in my usual fashion ;-P I haven't even looked at those yet, but will get to them. Suffice it to say that yesterday's "events" haven't diminished me any.

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