Waves and Rainbows

My dad had emailed me early yesterday to give me a heads up there would be high surf today. It's nice that the weather.com gives a "High Surf Warning" so we can be on top of it!

Lucky for us that warning did come with massive waves but no wind and no rain. It was only blue sky and sun. I drove the boys out to Shore Acres, which is a favorite local spot to watch the waves crash, boom and smack against the cliffs. As we pulled up, we spotted pddesigns and her husband just arriving also. As we walked out to the lookout, we saw another tripod and then realized it was StevenMichael. So many blippers these days. :)

I had to keep my eye on my boys, so I'm sure I missed some great shots. But overall, I was really happy with some of the big waves I captured. I'm hoping to post some more later, but I need to get dinner started.

So this image was truly my favorite for obvious reasons. How many times do you think this could happen in a lifetime? StevenMichael had just asked my little guy to stand in this spot, and then all the sudden a huge wave smacked the rocks. All the mist that was left ended up creating the most incredible rainbow. I love how the mist shows up right under the rainbow as if it's falling down from it and not a prior wave.

My hubby is still sick, so I've got to take care of dinner and chores. Maybe tomorrow will also hold some wonderful outside weather.

Please view in large also. :)

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