Sunday out

Taking backups and organizing data takes time. The bike wasn't in the best shape too, so had to get it straightened. It was a white sky when we left in the afternoon. It is best left out of photos. I was craning my neck searching.

After a good meal and some good music, we found the car towed away from where we had parked it. Apparently, it was a No parking zone though I distinctly remember us having to pay to be there a few months back! But we were lucky to have found the car close by and the fine we had to pay was small. The police officer we were talking to wasn't unimpressive either. He seemed to have a sense of pride about his job and I thought he handled the situation well. S though was quite agitated, but it was a good day. The house was neat and quiet when we returned.

The shot doesn't say much about the day, except that I've gone a bit overboard having found my old laptop.

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