Nastia's Slow Little Days

By Anastasia

Glasses Capture Sunset

Because I've gotten so behind on blipping (writing this entry for 1-17-11 on 1-25-11, to be precise), I won't be able to report exactly what I did on this particular day, though I very much wish I could, as I would prefer for this Blipfoto space to be a photo-calendar and memoir-ish life-capsule for me. It's only January, though. I've just begun, and the Mostly365 mindset has a lot of room for self-forgiveness and encourages acceptance even when we get a bit behind. Ah well.

Not quite regrettably, I did spend most of last week gobbling up Mad Men so that's quite likely how I spent that particular day, as well. Hmmph.

Anyway, around 5 o'clock, roommate came home and went straight to bed to rest. His glasses caught the light of the setting sun's diffused sky-colors just tremendously so I chose to capture the moment in HDR. A bunch of tweaking and a crop later, I had this beauty. Though part of me feels queasy about it, I'd like to be just as content with highly post-processed images as with SOOC's. We'll see how that self-acceptance bit works out.

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