By wayfarer

Gone Fishin'

A very un- Mediterranean Sea this morning in Nerja. We had a quick stroll before heading to the airport and we could see this fisherman walking out onto the rocks while waves came crashing in. It's likely that the waves were breaking either side of him but from where we were he looked in danger of being swept away.
I've uploaded this as a large file so hopefully you will be able to see the ciggy in his mouth, obviously not too concerned, though I have a couple of shots where he actually turns and looks as the waves break close by.

We are home - just got in - and I've got a cold. I feel hard done by as It feels as if I've only just had one. Bummer. I'm going to take a bunch of drugs and go to bed.

I just looked - the file isn't big enough to see his ciggy so you will have to take my word for it!

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