a town called E.

By Eej

Up ...

... and awaaaaaaaaaaay is the weekend. Hello Saturday, hello Sunday! *insert Joey's voice* How YOU doin'?

Today I found out that 2 of our lovely salespeople have, instead of deleting things here and there, archived everything they received in their inboxes since June 2008. I found almost 18.000 emails/junk/spam in one account, almost 20.000 in the other. They simply misunderstood the instructions our boss gave them and had hoarded everything ever since. Oh my ...

Then my own workspace sprang a ginormous leak in its roof, right on top of the 2010 catalogues that were waiting to be recycled. There was much scrambling to get things into safe leak-free zones, just as my boss walked in. He said: "Are you ready to move?" I looked at the dripping ceiling.
"Hell yeah."

Off to K'zoo for groceries and the Hatchery to have my hour in nature. It was dismally grey again today, but as I was walking there patches of blue came through the grey and then there even was sun. *sigh*
Such a lovely start to the weekend.
As were all these swans flying over me :)

Tonight is for a bit of wine and Toy Story 2.

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