Northern Exposure

By Northern

Take a brake

My mate (and longtime lapsed blipper Dieseldaisy) decided that we should try and get together for a regular Sunday bike run.

Have to say there was slight trepidation on my part as Dieseldaisy is a lot fitter than myself and I had visions of being left behind, especially on the big* hills. However, I had a great time. Unlike Dieseldaisy who after a couple of miles grumbling about her bike not quite feeling right and seeming to have to put more effort in than normal, discovered that her front brakes had stuck on!

So whilst I had a leisurely 21km cycle, Dieseldaisy felt like she'd just dragged a tractor behind her for the whole trip.

Lesson learned - ask our in house cycle mechanic for an update on modern cycle maintenance and carry a basic tool kit. (Then I might well use that knowledge to sabotage Dieseldaisy's bike again as I think it's quite a good way to keep her at my pace)

* note that most of what I consider big hills would be described as a wee bit lumpy by the fitter cyclists out there.

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