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Stenness Loch

Having not been out of the house much this week, due to sick kids and work, we decided to head out for the day. Ru's doing a history project on Skara Brae and I thought it was high time I added it to my Must See in Orkney series. But it wasn't to be.

We stopped on the way beside Stenness Loch to have our picnic (in the car, not that hardy we could eat outside in 3°). It was glorious, a perfect winter's day. Clear blue skies, sunshine and an ice rimmed loch. The boys spent ages throwing sticks and stones into the ice. I spent ages taking pics of them doing so and a few really lovely ones of swans on the blue, blue water. I got some that I thought would make great blips, pity I was dead set on blipping Skara Brae...!

Eventually we got on our way and headed up to Skara Brae. We were the only visitors there and Ru cornered the guide and bombarded her with questions. Which she was only too happy to answer. However we spent so long speaking to her by the time I nabbed the camera off Ruairidh a huge grey cloud had turned up and ruined any chance I had of taking a decent blip. So it will have to wait until another day.

I wasn't too bothered as I reckoned I had some pics from earlier. But on the way home the cloud split and the sun shone through, just as we were passing Stenness Loch again. I slammed on the breaks and instructed the kids to watch out for cars coming (single track road) so that I could hang out of the window to take a pic. Show's how used they are to this blipping nonsense that they never even questioned what I was doing.

All in all I had about a dozen shots I would have been delighted to blip but there really wasn't any competition to this one. Not sure if the blip format will do this justice, but I reckon it was worth going out of the house for.

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