My Angle

By myangle

Quart Pot Creek

This little river means a lot to me. Some of my Father's ashes are downstream. Well, they will now be waaaaaay downstream because the creek flooded last week for the first time in around 8 years.

So Dad has moved on. I hope the fishing is good where he's at now.

When I saw the assignment this week I had mixed feelings. It isn't fair that I can't do a father and son blip. This is as close as I can get.

There must be people downstream who are catching and eating fish that have a distinctly nicotine (B&H) taste. Dad would be laughing at that.

Less sombre now.

Jo and I had a great weekend in Stanthorpe. I drank too much wine last night. This morning I awoke and to my relief I wasn't too hungover. In fact I was practically raring to go. Off we toddled to the market which we normally do every month. We made sod all as usual but I got to show off my photographs to the general public and some nice comments were made.
And the weather was so nice that I managed a swim in the creek before we drove home.

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