In the moment..

By MoshersMoll

Join in! Save the sea!

A clean-up initiative to keep the coasts of The Netherlands litter-free, which is working rather well I must say. This photo was taken today on the beach of Ouddorp, a small town on one of the Southern islands; Goedereede.

It wasn't ideal weather for a pleasant stroll along the beach, overcast skies and a bitterly cold, blustery wind. I certainly got some colour in my cheeks but was most pissed off on returning home to discover it had been cracking the flags inland. Well, blue skies and bright sunshine anyway. Not amused.

Keep the coast clean!! We just need to start some kind of dog poop campaign now, I'm sick of seeing it plastered everywhere along the main streets. Clean up after your dogs, Dutchies!!

Verlos de Zee - click here for more info

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