mini moments.

By miniaturehero


Sooo because it was my lovely housemate Emma's 21st today (she's joining me in the land of old people) we went to a magic bar called Illusions in the city centre. I have to say, most sophisticated night out I've had in a while - cocktails, the brilliant magician, lots of lovely people - goooood night. Then we ruined the classiness by running from Printworks (where the bar was) to Picadilly Gardens (where the bus was), because it was too windy for umbrellas (half a mile maybe?) It's tipping it down. PROPER tipping it down. Drowned rat look = deffo a good look, right?

This is a cosmopolitan, in a pretty glass. It was yummy.

Tomorrow I'm going to have a massssive lie in and hope the rain goes away. And then clean my room/the living room/the kitchen and wash up and go to Sainsbury's and do my anatomy book. Maybe push the boat out and copy the Health Belief Model down AGAIN, and not learn it AGAIN. (Psychology fail?)

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